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Podster is a global publishing house for podcasts. We licence, adapt and produce best-selling local podcasts, so they can reach audiences in new markets worldwide.



We identify great local shows, acquire the global IP rights and specialise in reproducing these local podcasts to international markets, as well as oversee distribution.



We adapt with respect for cultural nuances and genre. From language adaptation to audio design and distribution, we handle all aspects of bringing great content to new audiences.


Podster acts as a bridge between podcast creators and international audiences. Similar to how publishing houses acquire foreign rights for successful books, we acquire the rights to translate and publish existing podcasts that have demonstrated success in one market, and then we distribute them to new partners in other countries.

Essentially, we’re facilitating the expansion of podcast content across borders, enabling creators to reach broader audiences while providing international listeners with access to diverse and engaging content in their own language.

At Podster, we value personal connections with our creators and partners. We care about the people behind the podcasts and are dedicated to supporting them.

Podster team 2022

The Podster team, 2022.

The visionaries behind Podster: Lars Peter Ilsø Larsen, Erik Hougaard, Henriette Høj Gharib and Klavs Vejlang.


Podster is a Danish startup founded in 2022 by Henriette Høj Gharib, Klavs Vejlang, Lars Peter Ilsø Larsen and Erik Hougaard. Since then, our team has expanded, united by a shared vision to redefine the podcasting experience worldwide. Get to know our dynamic team here.

The Podster team is passionate about audio and podcast production. We believe that great content has the power to transcend borders – and should do so! We have a wide experience in streaming, content creation and audio, as well as a commitment to excellence.