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Podster is always looking to add new compelling and engaging podcasts to our catalogue, so do not hesitate to reach out if you are a podcast creator and want your content to travel across borders.

At Podster, we wish to be transparent about our workflow, what we expect of the creators we collaborate with and what they can expect from us. So, on this page you can learn more about our process.

Why choose Podster as your localisation partner?

At Podster, we cherish all the editorial work that has been done by local creators in their home market. But we are also passionate about bringing captivating content to the world of podcasting, which is why we make adaptations to the material, so it can travel across borders. We adapt with respect for the original material and do not compromise on quality at any point!

Furthermore, we make it easy for content creators to collaborate with us and share their unique perspectives and stories. It is a collaboration and we want you to be just as satisfied with the end result as us.

What is in it for you?

In addition to the gratification of watching your content succeed in different languages and other countries, you will also be entitled to a share of the gross revenue in the form of royalties.

Get in touch

Ready to collaborate with Podster and take your podcasting journey to the next level?

Submit your content today, and let’s bring your ideas to life. Please send an email to with information about you, your show and why you think your production would be suited for an international audience.

How we work

1) Content submission
Submit your podcast for review to Please note that we only consider scripted podcasts.

2) Review and selection
Our team of experienced professionals will carefully review all submissions. We look for originality, quality, and alignment with our values.

3) Collaboration
If we choose to move forward with your show, Podster will licence your production’s IP rights for distribution in foreign markets, which means we will gain rights to adapt and distribute your content in other languages, while you retain ownership of the original format.

4) Delivery of materials
You will provide all relevant material, including, complete manuscripts, music, soundscape, graphics and any other assets used in creating the podcast.

5) Production
Podster will handle all technical aspects of production, from script editing to sound engineering. Our team will adapt your material to international markets, and ensure it meets the highest industry standards.

6) Distribution
Podster will oversee the distribution. Depending on the content, we may opt for sales through distributors or direct distribution on leading podcast platforms via the RSS feed.

7) Shared revenue
At Podster, we believe in shared success. We offer revenue-sharing models to our content creators, ensuring that you benefit from the global success of your work. Therefore, when we monetize your show, you will receive a share of the earnings.