A case of relentless stalking.

The podcast I’m watching you uncovers the gripping narrative of Denmark’s most extensive stalking case. It is a tale of mental breakdown, persecution and an unstoppable stalker. The severity of the case prompted the creation of an anti-stalking law in Denmark, a response to a previously unacknowledged problem.

With over 300,000 listens across five compelling episodes and an impressive rating of 4.8 on Spotify and 4.4 on Apple Podcasts as of November 2023, this true crime podcast on stalking has undeniably captivated its audience.

In I’m watching you, we follow Marie, a stalking victim. Her harrowing journey spans several years, marked by ceaseless and severe stalking perpetrated by her ex-husband. He has contacted her and their joint children more than 30,000 times and writes extremely aggressive and hurtful comments about her on social media. Despite a restraining order and multiple incarcerations, the harassment persists.

This five-part podcast delves deep into the challenges faced by stalking victims, the steps taken by the Danish police to prevent escalation and provides profound insights into the psychology of both the stalker and the victim of stalking.

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