Sleep Stories makes bedtime a great time for children and adults alike!

The stories and characters included in Sleep Stories are imaginative and different. Some of the bedtime stories are inspired by classic tales, while others are made up from scratch. The combination of known characters and new ones is designed to spark the imagination of young listeners. Listen to tales of Wilfred the Stinky Dog, Bobby and the Dinosaurs, a magical book and more.

With more than 400 episodes and millions of downloads from all over the world, this is the podcast you go to if you need great content for kids. Sleep Stories will surely make every parent – and kid – happier on a nightly basis.

The podcast is appropriate for children of all ages. If you are interested in more content for children, Podster’s Science and Relax podcasts are an ideal extension. Sleep Stories, Science and Relax are all created by Sheryl and Clark, the founders of Sleep Tight Media.