Murders that changed world history!

The course of history can change in an instant, a truth illuminated when examining the assassinations that have taken place against world leaders and icons throughout history. Individuals whose influence – good or bad – has impacted multiple people worldwide.

Fatal Encounter explores the events leading up to the significant meeting between the assassin and the victim. Tracking the paths of the killer and their target, we closely examine the circumstances preceding their disastrous encounter, seeking insights into whether preventive measures could have altered the course of events.

Additionally, listeners gain a unique insight into various periods and movements in world history – from the Roman era to the French Revolution and World War II, and from the civil rights movement and anti-abortion activism in the USA to the vibrant cultural phenomena of the joyful ’60s.

In Fatal Encounter, historical insight and suspenseful true crime go hand in hand. Listeners will have the opportunity to delve into the compelling and tragic stories of prominent figures such as musician John Lennon, politician Abraham Lincoln, journalist Veronika Guerin, and many more.

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