Killing Victoria podcast

A BBC original podcast about seven assassination attempts that could have changed history! 

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ruled for 63 years – known as the Victorian era. She is one of the most memorable and influential monarchs in history. However, we would remember her in a completely different way if just one of the attacks on her life had been fruitful.

During Queen Victoria’s reign, seven men threatened her life. Some did not get close enough to carry out the deed successfully, while others were mere seconds from killing the monarch and changing history as we know it.

In the podcast series Killing Victoria, created by BBC Sounds, Dr Bob Nicholson investigates, with the help of scholars and experts, what led these men to conspire against the queen. Even though the culprits come from different backgrounds, and each has their motives, the listener will come to understand that they have more in common than we might think.